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In our local school district, it’s $7,600 per student.


Mind you, this is just the state’s contribution to it. That doesn’t count other sources (local and federal for instance). The total amount is allegedly $12,000 per student.

Next time someone yells about the “Slashing” of a few hundred dollars per student, we’re talking a tiny percentage cut.

If you paid a teacher $100,000 per year to teach a class of 30 students, that would be $3,000 per student.  There are, certainly, other costs involved but then again, few teachers are making $100,000 pear year (in fact, the average is less than half that).   

on May 18, 2012

I use to work for the State Dept of Ed (I graduated and now work for the colleges).  But I will never forget what one lady who was doing Chapter I told me.  The Feds gave them so much in funding, with the stipulation that "no more than 10% can be spent on administrative overhead".  She took that to mean "10% MUST be spent on administrative overhead".  There is no wonder why education costs so much. I saw her waste a ton of money buying things she did not need, and could not use, just so she spent that 10%.

on May 19, 2012

The trouble is Dr Guy a lot of funding is like that in the government, but I have seen it in business too. If money ear marked for a certain use is not used for that use, it has a tendency, the year after, to be cut, and no manager likes to have funds cut from them.