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Published on July 27, 2012 By Draginol In Politics

So why do people demonize companies that outsource to China but it's perfectly acceptable for individuals to go and buy things made in China?

Next time someone wants to rant about company X outsourcing, they should, at least, start trying to buy American if they feel that way.

on Jul 28, 2012

You could not be any more correct.  Americans need to be willing to pay slightly more for quality products Made In America.  Right on.

on Jul 28, 2012

The reason we can't is because it's all been outsourced to China.

on Aug 02, 2012

What Jythier said.  How are we supposed to buy American when everything is made in China?

That's such radical right-wing garbage to blame the consumer.  The companies are entirely at fault here.

on Aug 02, 2012

No they aren't.

The companies are driven to outsource to China because in the USA, other companies buy based on price.  So having the lowest price gets you business.  I work for an international company.  The Europeans in the company are always selling on quality and special features.  They can do that.  They ask questions of us, like, "How much will your customers pay for Italian design?"  "Zero."  It blows them away.  So we start making stuff in China to get lower prices to our customers so that we'll stay in business. Quality isn't important if they can save a buck.  We also manufacture/assemble in the USA, and several other countries. 

Why do companies buy based on price?  They are slaves to the shareholders.  The shareholders want profits - they don't really care how.  They are detached from the running of the business.

When a person is an owner/operator, they aren't slaves to the dollar.  They can decide to do something based on their conscience.  But when you are a CEO of a company owned by shareholders, and you can do better for the shareholders by doing something, it's wrong not to do it.  That's why corporations are the worst thing to ever happen to society - it creates an organization that is driven by profit instead of tempered by convictions.  Yet it also allowed some of our greatest projects to come to fruition, which could never have happened if we couldn't pool our money so.  It's a double-edged sword. 

on Aug 03, 2012

The companies are entirely at fault here.

No, onerous government regulation and taxes are MOSTLY at fault.  You can wish water to run uphill, but alas the laws of gravity dictate it will always run downhill.  Same with business - they will always find the least cost for the most profit.  Regulations are costs - as are taxes.

on Aug 03, 2012

No need to worry... coming soon... 3D printing ends made in China era.

People soon to get angry about robots.

Seriously, 10 years from now, you'll be printing out and assembling most of the crap you buy at walmart today, and robotic factories will be way cheaper to operate locally for the more heavy duty fabrications.