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Published on July 7, 2013 By Draginol In PC Gaming


Hi all! As some of you know, Draginol is my “alt” handle here for Frogboy.

Anyway, this week I was on PolyCast, a popular Civilization-related podcast and this episode focused heavily on the upcoming Civilization V expansion “Brave New World”.

Feel free to check it out here:

You can see other episodes here:

on Jul 07, 2013

Oh, I was just about to post that you were on the Polycast after listening. An interesting discussion on AI, layers, and how design impacts AI (and how AI can impact design, interestingly).

Also on youtube if you enjoy consuming it that way:

Brief table of contents at:

on Jul 08, 2013

I just listened to 176. At first I didnt notice you were on the podcast because my car's stereo speakers broke but once I finished my drive and was listening I recognized you. Good insight on the AI design. 

Couple side notes:

Do you have any resources you recommend for AI programming. 

Any reason you have 2 forum handles. Frogboy and Draginol. No reason just curious. 

on Jul 08, 2013

I think it's because Draginol is used when he's not necessarily talking on behalf of his CEO role.  I think Draginol is a joeuser account.