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Selective Compassion
Published on October 15, 2003 By Draginol In Politics

So who's the bigger hypocrite?

Rush Limbaugh for repeated condemnation for those people who become addicted to crack, heroine, and other illegal drugs.


Members of the left who have preached compassion, understanding, and forgiveness as the answer to everything who demand now that Limbaugh should go to jail for his addiction to prescription pain medication?

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on Oct 17, 2003
Reply By: Izzy Lies Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2003
Nifty how that passport survived to fall harmlessly onto the top of a rubble pile, no?
Man, how bloody gullible the Clearsil set have become. Sigh.

nice article. lots of jews in hollywood. got it. if that doesn't prove that the jews are behind 9/11, nothing will. you still got no proof of the statements in your first post.

anyone who has read reports of plane crashes will see that quite often that the weirdest things survive intact while most of the plane is reduced to ash. let's see if html works in these posts. if not, i'll repost the link.

posted by someone other than russellmz
...let me give you real world example.
Several years ago I was at a military base where a UH-60 crashed killing all aboard.

The UH-60 was travelling a top speed when it dove into the ground. The resulting fireball and explosion disintegrated the aircraft almost completely. Pieces were recovered and placed in boxes you'd use to move books (12 in x 12 in). No single piece was intact or recognizable.

Except for a complete, unburned, perfectly intact aircraft logbook. Everthing else was destroyed.

That crash also occured during a Republican administration, so the fix was in on that one as well. Don't look up, the sound you hear is the black helicopters circling.....

though it could be the guy who posted it is ONE OF "THEM".
on Oct 17, 2003;f=9;t=009838;p=2


coulda sworn i saw someone post a hyperlink in comments before.

on Oct 17, 2003
Good grief. If a country of what? 15 million people? Can control the government of the United States than more power to them. Where do I sign up? Sheesh.
on Oct 17, 2003
How did a discussion about Rush Limbaugh turn into a discussion about the "Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy"? This anti-semitism makes me sick.
on Oct 17, 2003
The Israelis do occupy some land that is controversial. Israel did take land in war because surrounding Arab neighbors tried to crush Israel. The Israelis returned some of the disputed land; every time they give more land back the attacks only escalate. The notion that Israel is somehow responsible for Sept. 11 or that they had intelligence that the attack was going to happen is ludicrous. Theses articles are blatantly anti-Semitic and offensive. The only people in that region that were jumping up and down for joy on 911 were Palestinians; they danced and handed out candies on the streets. You’re going to have a hard time trying to rally the majority of American people against Israel, good luck.
on Oct 17, 2003
Think about this: If not for US support, Israel would probably be totally screwed. They know this, and they'd have to be totally insane to ATTACK their ONLY SUPPORTER if there was even the remotest, most minute chance that they would be found out. Yet some nutjobs still think they would actually do it...
on Oct 17, 2003
"Izzy Lies" makes remarkable points. We ought to have a discussion in this nation about Israel, foreign aid, and spying. I don't believe we gain anything but enemies and hatred by propping up Israel and would gladly cut them loose tonight if possible.
To Kryofx - Are you really that naive? Israel is the master of the "false-flag" op. Their own Mossad's motto is "by deception thou shalt do war." They are not nice people, are not trustworthy and are NOT allies.
on Oct 17, 2003
By: RonPaul4Prez
' "Izzy Lies" makes remarkable points. '

not really. his thing about the wtc was notable for its "points". "faked" osama tape? "no evidence"? they went to strip clubs, therefore, they can't possibly be mass murderers? whatever.
on Oct 17, 2003
RonPaul4Prez you continue to reveal your anti-semitism. It makes me sick that you believe in this stuff and call yourself a conservative. It's people like you that convince Liberals that conservatives are racist bigots.
on Oct 17, 2003
Tech Cat, you are a disgrace to the word "conservative" and are not at all conservative.
You're clearly a moderate and have more in common with a Joe Lieberman than you do a true conservative like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Barry Goldwater or Charley Reese. If you want to know what true conservatism is, stop listening to Rush, throw away the National Review or Weekly Standard (all neocon propaganda organs) and read CHRONICLES magazine and the American Conservative.
Grow up.
Criticism of Israel is NOT anti-Semitism pal. I know your propaganda outlets love to try and paint it that way but no matter how hard they try, they cannot change the fact. Criticism of Israel is no different than criticism of France or bloody Sierra Leone and I won't be silenced by your childishness.
Conservatives are NOT globalist/socialists like you nor are we bigots...we ARE in favor of America FIRST however and if you don't like that, go hug a tree.
on Oct 17, 2003

You apparently believe all you read in the mainstream (controlled) media. Help yourself. We need worker bees who are incapable of thought...and you'll make a fine assistant manager at Burger King one day.
on Oct 17, 2003
This is rich. Usually my conservative views get me branded has an extremist, a racist, a bigot, and a homophobe by Liberals. Now we have someone who believes he is a conservative but is really a kook calling me a socialist and a tree hugger. I'm not even an environmentalist.
on Oct 17, 2003
Tech Cat, your friends are as clueless as you are.
They call you a racist and bigot? Are you? You could well be a racist but you aren't conservative. Conservatives DON'T shill for the globalist/socialist agenda, you do.
Conservatives DON'T put Israeli interests ahead of American, you do.
Conservatives DON'T follow the cues from neoconservative, Israel-first outlets like Rush, William Kristol or Charles Krauthammer. We read The AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE and CHRONICLES (two magazines I'd dare suggest you've never EVER seen), we support the AMERICA FIRST party, we want a moratorium on ALL immigration and the enforcement of immigration laws, we firmly believe that America is a REPUBLIC and NOT AN EMPIRE, we prefer armed neutrality as opposed to nation building, and we respect the sovereignty of ALL NATIONS knowing full well that to disregard the sovereignty of one nation opens us up to losing our own.
on Oct 17, 2003
And Tech Cat, if you truly want to correct your course I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to subscribe to the AMERICAN FREE PRESS. With weekly reading you'll soon find that AMERICA FIRST is the only TRULY CONSERVATIVE philosophy to have. If you can't even put your own country ahead of ALL others you have no ground to stand on in the true conservative movement. Neoconservatism is NOT acceptable and is NOT conservative. The choice is yours, and somehow I suspect that you'd prefer to relocate to Tel Aviv than to dabble in REAL AMERICAN CONSERVATISM.
on Oct 17, 2003
Libertarian Party: ''America owes talk host Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude''

Press release: Libertarian Party

WASHINGTON, DC -- The entire nation owes radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude, Libertarians say, because his ordeal has exposed every drug warrior in America as a rank hypocrite.

"One thing we don't hear from American politicians very often is silence," said Joe Seehusen, Libertarian Party executive director. "By refusing to criticize Rush Limbaugh, every drug warrior has just been exposed as a shameless, despicable hypocrite.

"And that's good news, because the next time they do speak up, there'll be no reason for anyone to listen."

The revelation that Limbaugh had become addicted to painkillers -- drugs he is accused of procuring illegally from his Palm Beach housekeeper -- has caused a media sensation ever since the megastar's shocking, on-air confession last week.

As the Limbaugh saga continues, here's an important question for Americans to ask, Libertarians say: Why are all the drug warriors suddenly so silent?...

"Republican and Democratic politicians have written laws that have condemned more than 400,000 Americans to prison for committing the same 'crime' as Rush Limbaugh," Seehusen pointed out. "If this pill-popping pontificator deserves a get-out-of-jail-free card, these drug warriors had better explain why."

Given their longstanding support for the Drug War, it's fair to ask:

Why haven't President George Bush or his tough-on-crime attorney general, John Ashcroft, uttered a word criticizing Limbaugh's law-breaking?

Why aren't drug czar John P. Walters or his predecessor, Barry McCaffrey, lambasting Limbaugh as a menace to society and a threat to "our children?"

Why aren't federal DEA agents storming Limbaugh's $30 million Florida mansion in a frantic search for criminal evidence?

Why haven't federal, state, and local police agencies seized the celebrity's homes and luxury cars under asset-forfeiture laws?

Finally, why aren't bloviating blabbermouths like William Bennett publicly explaining how America would be better off if Limbaugh were prosecuted, locked in a steel cage and forced to abandon his wife, his friends, and his career?

The answer is obvious, Seehusen said: "America's drug warriors are shameless hypocrites who believe in one standard of justice for ordinary Americans and another for themselves, their families and their political allies.

"That alone should completely discredit them."

But there's an even more disturbing possibility, Seehusen said: that the people who are prosecuting the Drug War don't even believe in its central premise -- which is that public safety requires that drug users be jailed.

"The Bushes and Ashcrofts and McCaffreys of the world may believe, correctly, that individuals fighting a drug addiction deserve medical, not criminal treatment," he said. "That would explain why they're not demanding that Limbaugh be jailed.

"But if that's the case, these politicians have spent decades tearing apart American families for their own political gain. And that's an unforgivable crime."
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