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Selective Compassion
Published on October 15, 2003 By Draginol In Politics

So who's the bigger hypocrite?

Rush Limbaugh for repeated condemnation for those people who become addicted to crack, heroine, and other illegal drugs.


Members of the left who have preached compassion, understanding, and forgiveness as the answer to everything who demand now that Limbaugh should go to jail for his addiction to prescription pain medication?

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on Oct 17, 2003
An extremist zealot such as RonPaul4prez labeling conservatives as liberals is rather amusing; Ronpaul4prez exhibits the type of behavior that gives liberals the ammunition they need to demonize conservatives. Ron Paul 4prez is not a conservative he is a National socialist like his seig heiling friend Buchanan.
on Oct 17, 2003
Anthony, you're a little pud. Calling those with whom you disagree Nazis is inane and not a little retarded. You faux-conservatives are a laugh a minute. Keep it up.
on Oct 18, 2003
Reply By: RonPaul4Prez Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003

blah blah
blah blah
no facts or arguments
blah blah blah
another insult
blah blah

you hurt me...deep inside...where i'm a woman...

i like how you immediately pull out the "worker bee"/"incapable of thought"/"sheep lead to the slaughter" card. and oh yeah, the "mainstream media is in on it" card. always a favorite of mine.

conspiracy theorists' tactics are always the same. thank for listing some nice examples:

- some bs article
- refusal to address points made by debunkers
- posting of some other bs article of tangential relevence at best
- mention of how mainstream press is untrustworthy and under control
- taking evidence, looking at it, then misinterpreting it to their advantage
- comments on the intelligence/sheep mentality of those who refuse to believe them
- bonus points for using the jews as the perpetrators, cliche as it may be

btw, this gives me an excuse to add another dig at izzy's use of facts that i missed before:
the passport was found IN the rubble, not on top. if i need clearsil as you say then you need reading glasses since in both the link i provided and in the comment i made it said "in", not "on top of". (not to mention the abcnews articles that are listed in the link that also say "in")
on Oct 18, 2003
You keep it up, your comments are extraordinary, it’s a mixed bag of things, you brain seems to have been tainted with a mixture of ideologies. You’re like a Nazi crossbred with a liberal.
on Oct 18, 2003
Oh Antoinette you're funny. A little off but funny.
If I'm like a "nazi crossbred with a liberal" you're a Rockefeller globalist/socialist imbred with a dainty little sheep. A born follower with a utopian streak.
on Oct 18, 2003
This is disturbing indeed, not only is RonPaul 4prez desirous that I should be a woman, ladies and gentlemen RonPaul 4prez has gone to the extreme in name calling, depicting me as French.
on Oct 18, 2003
Antoinette, you started the namecalling by labelling me a "nazi" and such. It's not my fault that you pimply twerps believe that neoconservatism, globalism, illegal immigration, empire-building and an Israel-First philosophy is "conservatism". All I've tried to do is correct the record, and for that I'm attacked.
on Oct 18, 2003
Clear Channel PRESSURES stations over Limbaugh.

WBAL flip-flops over Limbaugh
Station decides to use local hosts in his absence, then changes its mind
By Dan Thanh Dang
Sun Staff
Originally published October 18, 2003

Amid national chatter about conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh's addiction to prescription drugs, WBAL radio found itself at the center of an industry storm this week after it pulled his syndicated show from its usual time slot and then flip-flopped on that decision.

The Hearst-owned news talk station said it decided to move Limbaugh out of the key early afternoon time slot amid worries that substitutes for the top-rated host would not be able to sustain audience loyalty and crucial fall ratings, despite fierce devotion to the show.

Some listeners applauded the move, and many balked. WBAL's initial decision to pull the program and use local hosts - the first such move among 600 radio affiliates nationwide - raised alarms in an industry worried about financial fallout, a decline in ratings and the show's survival.

"Pre-flipflop, losing Baltimore's WBAL would clearly be a negative," said James Marsh, an analyst with SG Cowen in New York. "It just sends a bad signal. You just feel the momentum sliding. You don't want multiple stations dropping the show."

One other station followed suit. Citadel Broadcasting's WPRO News Radio 630 in Providence, R.I., said yesterday afternoon that it would temporarily replace the Limbaugh show with another host.

By 5 p.m., WPRO had reversed its decision.

California syndicator Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications Inc., said yesterday that it had negotiated intensively with both stations. Premiere said it has heard of no other stations dropping Limbaugh and that it has no intention of losing other affiliates even temporarily.

"Obviously, no one can replace Rush Limbaugh," said Allan Mayer, a Premiere spokesman. "We're very sensitive to those concerns. Affiliate relations are very, very important, and we're constantly in contact with all the stations to address their concerns."

"There is an expectation that particularly in a situation like this, Premiere always stands by its individual stations in good times and bad times and we would hope the individual stations would stand by Premiere."

In other words, industry experts said, a lot of money is at stake, including advertising dollars, programming contracts and Wall Street performance.

On Oct. 10, the day that Limbaugh told his 20 million listeners he was checking into a drug treatment center, radio stations including WBAL were also told that lesser-known radio personalities Tom Sullivan, Roger Hedgecock and Walter Williams, from other Clear Channel stations, would fill in.

WBAL wasn't impressed. The Baltimore station decided that day to go with local favorites Chip Franklin and Ron Smith in Limbaugh's 12 p.m.-3 p.m. time slot. Limbaugh's program with guest hosts would have run overnight.

WBAL would continue to pay the fee for the right to run the Limbaugh program and run commercials it was obligated to under contract, but executives said the station did not want to take any chances during Limbaugh's absence.

"We were disappointed," said Jeffrey J. Beauchamp, WBAL-Radio's vice president and station manager. "We have talent here that is better. If you have to have a substitute, they have to be interesting and compelling and someone that our audience wants to hear. It's based pure and simple on providing a compelling talk show host that the audience wants and good ratings.

"We told them we would fill the gap ourselves," Beauchamp said. "I guess they, the syndicators, heard our concerns."

In persuading WBAL to continue running the Limbaugh show in its usual time slot, Premiere promised to replace the colorful conservative with well-known guest hosts including Fox News channel's Tony Snow and Internet-based political gossip columnist Matt Drudge.

Beauchamp said Premiere also assured the station that it was negotiating with other well-known people to serve as guest hosts.

"We now feel the show is worth airing," said Beauchamp.

Industry experts say Limbaugh's five-week stint in rehabilitation probably won't hurt ratings or stock prices, but that an extended disappearance from the airwaves could be problematic.

Limbaugh is often credited with saving AM radio and starting the rebirth of the news talk format that began in the late 1980s.

The future of his show, experts said, depends on Limbaugh's detoxification and his overcoming an investigation by the state's attorney's office in Palm Beach County, Fla., where his maid said she was his drug connection.

"The show is slightly more damaged goods now," said SG Cowen's Marsh. "Premiere definitely would have gone to someone else in the Baltimore market if 'BAL didn't run the show because someone's got to carry Rush Limbaugh. But I'm sure Premiere would not want to renegotiate with another station while Rush is in rehab. It's not a vantage point."

Stations carrying Limbaugh might also suffer a slight revenue drop during his absence, experts said. That small loss might not be felt much by bigger stations, but smaller stations could get squeezed the longer Limbaugh is out, they said.

"WBAL's the first major radio station to do that," said Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers, a leading trade magazine for talk radio. "But the question is, who knows how quickly the others could, too? I don't think it will be widespread. Many stations don't have the resources to provide something better than the Rush Limbaugh show can provide. WBAL is a very highly regarded radio station in the industry and they are strong enough to do that.

"A station like 'BAL is not totally dependent on Rush Limbaugh," Harrison said.

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on Oct 19, 2003
posted by RonPaul4Prez:
All I've tried to do is correct the record, and for that I'm attacked.


posted by RonPaul4Prez, upstream in the comments:

You apparently believe all you read in the mainstream (controlled) media. Help yourself. We need worker bees who are incapable of thought...and you'll make a fine assistant manager at Burger King one day.

it's kinda sad when i don't even have to type anything to reveal the other guy as full of it.
on Oct 19, 2003
Let me indulge myself in trashing my self discipline for a moment and paint a picture. RonPaul4prez is about 55 or 60; you have to reach that age before you start accusing everyone you disagree with as being “young.” He adorns his body with a red checkered flannel shirt, blue jeans and various other redneck accoutrements. RonPaul4prez listens to Pat Robertson intently with a raised and inquisitive eyebrow. RonPaul4prez regularly blurts out tales of woe; he claims that conservatives are nothing of the kind, mostly because his definition of conservative is National Socialist. Most of RonPaul4prez’s buzzwords are direct quotes from his hero Pat Robertson, or the savior of western civilization Pat Buchanan.
on Oct 19, 2003
Pat Robertson is a Zionist, I have no use for Zionists or Israel-Firsters, that's your department. Let's clear that up first.
Next, your age guess is roughly 20 years off. Nice try.
Third, speaking of "buzzwords", you're the one who falls for the language games, not me. Calling anyone to the right of Rush a "national socialist" is proof of that. Believing that neoconservativism is conservatism, that globalism is preferable to nationalism, that sovereignty is an anachronism and that the Republican party has a monopoly on conservative values are sad proof that you're one dim bulb.
Keep trying your hand at amateur've got a long way to go to advance past 101.
on Oct 19, 2003
I would not attempt to psychoanalyze you; I would leave that to experts in that field. Pat Buchanan’s protectionist America first ideology would only be counter productive for US business. Buchanan’s policy would raise the costs of doing business, most businesses are engaged in international trade, that is how they remain competitive and cutting edge. What about foreign investment and how those investors would react to an isolationist policy? The consumer would find any imports extremely expensive due to restrictions or tariffs, limiting their choices. Just on trade policy alone Buchanan is a kook, then one has to look at his well documented anti Semitism, racism, sexism, and overall extremism.
Puke-anans bigotry

on Oct 19, 2003
Anthony R is right that an isolationist policy would hurt America. It would both hurt our economy and our foreign relations. I can never support a politician that does not respect my right as a consumer to choose foreign products as well as domestic. I like to use a mixed bag of quality products that are both domestic and foreign.
on Oct 19, 2003
Antoinette, I see that you've just completely abandoned your Pat Robertson angle which is good since you clearly share many of his opinions (Israel, nation building, globalism...) and were far off base.
I am saddened though to see you maintain your attacks on Pat Buchanan. The liberal leftist sympathies of yours come to the fore. Namecalling is proof that you don't have an argument. Call it what you want but the "isolationism" that you decry served us more than well for most of our nation's existence and is the only way we can survive as a nation...not that this matters to people like you who were weaned on a leftist mish-mash of globalist/socialist pablum by your limpwristed teachers. Following like sheeple the "standard bearers" of "mainstream conservatism" as you do, you wouldn't know any better but it's just this sickening trend that has moved the GOP to the middle and the left further afield. 40 years ago you'd be a commie-liberal beatnik and would be laughed out of the conservative you're establishment. You mock and attack the true founders and leaders of real America First conservatism like the 60's radical left do and even use their buzzwords and catch phrases. It's truly remarkable and may be the end of our republic. You may not value your nation's sovereignty but many of us do and we're not going down without a fight.
on Oct 19, 2003
posted by RonPaul4Prez:
Namecalling is proof that you don't have an argument.

bwahahahahahaaha, stop it, you're killing me!
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