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Site speed changes
Published on October 23, 2003 By Draginol In Misc
Okay, so George and JR have been working really hard to clean up the underlying code for the site. For a few weeks, the site was feeling like it was crawling.

Perosnally, I was running into two problems:

1) Overall sluggishness of pages coming up.

2) Page stalling. That is, I would get that top JoeUser yellow bar thingy and then the rest of the site would never come up.

If any of you have experienced any of these things, please respond here letting us know if it's any better. We are now showing 10 articles per page instead of 5 so there is more "stuff" to download which may offset some of the gains but hopefully you can feel a speed improvement.
on Oct 23, 2003
It does seem a bit faster, but I am still getting the top bar first and then there is about 5 seconds before the rest starts populating. It may just be this crazy satellite connection, though :/
on Oct 24, 2003
Seems to be fairly fast here. I am on a T1 connect though. One issue I sometimes get is that if I click to another window the JoeUser window is blank when I return to it. Resizing the window instantly makes the data reappear. Haven't seen it today though so maybe this is also fixed,

on Oct 24, 2003
It's definately loading a little quicker;)