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My wife almost seems too good to be true...
Published on January 20, 2004 By Draginol In Home & Family
I am a very lucky guy. My wife is truly my partner in life. We share our lives together in ways that I could scarcely have ever hoped.

We have very complementary roles in our home. She is the home maker as well as someone who helps with the company as time permits. But she makes home making into a true art.

For example, when I come home from work, I never know what wonderful and new thing she'll have made for our family. Tonight was salmon with fresh strawberries (in January!), fresh beans, some pasta, glass of wine all aesthetically put together beautifully. Most guys would be happy if this happened on special occasions. But in our home, it's quite normal. My wife is like a world class chef that is exclusively working at our home for herself and us (me and our two children).

Our home itself is very homey. We have both always prided ourselves in putting creature comforts over materialism. We'll go without some things so taht we can have the house a bit warmer for instance. Our home is a very comfortable place. My wife's other pass time is massages. My wife gives great massages and I can say that they make a big difference in quality of life, especially having a stressful career.

Now, I must confess, my instinct would be to say that she's too good to be true. Not for the above reasons but because she's interested science fiction, we used to play D&D together, we are interested in many of the same things as I am and vice versa, we have similar tastes, she's open minded about trying new things in all sorts of ways. Like I said, she sounds too good to be true.

And yet, this May will be our 10 year wedding anniversary. This April 3 will be the 12th year since our first date. We've been together for a long time and I can say that it's been very smooth throughout those 10 years. As we kid "No ups and downs, just ups and really big ups mainly."

To those reading this who aren't married -- bide your time. Finding the right person may take time. Both my wife and I had our share of pain and heart ache before we met each other. But because we waited until we found the right person we both benefit each day (mainly me but I normally keep the toilet seat down so I think that evens things out...).

on Jan 21, 2004
Wow you're lucky to find a normal woman who played D&D. All the girls i've known who played were freaks!

And right on with the massages! Definately a big thing to help your quality of living. Eases stress and generally just makes ya happy. Hope you give em back to her as well!
on Jan 21, 2004
on Jan 22, 2004
does she have a sister?
on Jan 25, 2004
Yep and she's totally awesome too but in different ways. But she's already taken.