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Published on August 19, 2003 By Draginol In Politics
You know, the economy is in the dumper. Republicans blame Clinton and the Democrats. Democrats blame Republicans and Bush.

Usually, recessions are hard to pin point. But this time around, it's pretty obvious who the blame lies with -- THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Every American who bought stock in some idiotic dot-com idiocy helped contribute to the recession. Let's face it, as a collective, we earned this recession.

Any country that puts together the capital to support a pet supply website to the point where they can afford multple superbowl ads with a talking sock puppet has more than earned a little economic grief.

The dot-com bubble burst and several trillion dollars were lost as a result. That kind of loss has to be absorbed somewhere and the result is job losses, less capital to invest, and a loss in consumer confident.

That's why the economy took a hit. It wasn't politicians, it was us. We did this to ourselves.

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