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Now anyone can comment on a blog
Published on August 20, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging

On JoeUser classic no one could even comment on a blog.  No matter how obnoxious my opinion was on some topic, no one could come on and say "Hey, you may not like your Mac but at least it's not constantly infected by worm viruses!" or something like that.  Now, on the new, you can.  On anonymous comments I do have the right to delete them (so no more "Go back to Russia!" comments <g>) but you don't have to actually create an account now to drop in a post.

on Aug 20, 2003
As usual you are way off base. Go back to Russia!
on Aug 20, 2003
I agree. Go back to Russia.
on Aug 22, 2003
Russia? go to the Philipines, tell me relatives hello for me!
on Aug 27, 2003
Woo hoo!