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Chatting voice
Published on December 14, 2004 By Draginol In WoW

Often times it's much easier to chat voice than chat with the keyboard.

To that end there is a program called Ventrilo. We have a server that we put up a long time ago that you are free to make use of.  My friend Alex has a guild called Digital Marines (DIM).  I let them use the ventrilo server as well and they're a good bunch of guys.

First you'll need to download the Ventrilo client:

[Download Here]

Once you have it installed, it will need to point to a server: Put in your userID and password.

There are some tricks to make it work better once you have it installed:

1) Click on the Setup button and make sure you have "Use Push-To-Talk" hotkey and then set the hot key to be something like F12.

2) Turn off the sound effects in the events tab.

3) Turn off the Check for new version in the global tab. We use Ventrilo 2.1, not 2.2 or later. The newer versions only work on newer servers and we haven't had the inclination to mess with updating the server (i.e. if it ain't broke, don't fix it).

Since this requires a microphone, I suggest testing to make sure your mic is working.  The way I do this is load up sound recorder. Start->Accessories->Entertainment->Sound recorder. You can use this to say "Test test test" and what not to make sure the volume is what you ant it to be.  I personally use the Logitech mic that's at Best Buy. It's USB and easier to configure. You do have to make sure that the program is using that Mic. )voice tab, look at the Output device drop down box).

Once you are in, there is a World of Warcraft channel.  My friend Alex already has a bunch of channels set up. Don't go into the PVPing channel since that's strictly for player vs. player.  Generally, I go into the Questing channel in the Delta sub-channel (you'll see what I mean). 

But if you really ever get stuck and need help, look for Jax or Pillz or Vexen. They know WoW inside and out. Just tell them I (Brad/Draginol) sent you. The rest of them won't have any idea who I am (they have no idea who their benefactor is <g>).

If you have any questions, just post here and I'll try to help.

on Jan 19, 2005
Is this only meant for your guild to use? I run a TeamSpeak server for my WoW group (not a full guild, just a group I've played MMOs with for a bit over 2 years now), but the future of the machine it's hosted on is in question (and since I no longer work there, I can't move it to another machine) so I'm looking for places to possibly relocate to.