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The colors
Published on January 9, 2005 By Draginol In WoW

Based on feedback, we're going to go with design #20.

Now, what colors? I was thinking something simple like white background with the symbol in gold. But what do you think?

Here are a few combos I've put together.

Option #1


Option #2


Option #3


Option #4

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

on Jan 10, 2005
Between the 4, I would prefer #1 I found this link last week and thought it would be helpful.

A kind of realtime on-the-fly tabbard maker that creates an image. Here a couple of my suggestions.
on Jan 10, 2005
At first glance, I think I might like 1 the best. 3, the blue, looks great, but I've seen more blue and green tabbards on Uther than any other colors. I don't like 2, but that's mostly because white is sooooo hard to keep clean when your adventuring in a dungeon or doing a lot of skinning... haha!

But, seriously, while I like 1, my vote is going to go with 4. The red and gold is very royal looking.

on Jan 10, 2005
Actually.. I tend to agree.

Lately i've been seeing a lot more tabbards in the auction house in IronForge. Blue and green seem popular. I have seen red one's as well.

How about....

After all, Purple is is the color of royalty.
on Jan 10, 2005
After all, Purple is is the color of royalty.

Yeah, but that would just look tacky with Stormy's orange beard. HAHA!