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Put into WOW!
Published on February 5, 2005 By Draginol In WoW

So I'm now at 4 days and 10 hours of play time (type "/played" in the prompt and you can find out how much time you've played).  Stormy Waters, the highest level player in our guild, is level 56 and has put in 18 days in. 

This is literally how many hours one has spent in the game. So you can get an idea of the time investment involved to get high up. ; and how addictive the game is.

on Feb 05, 2005
But what is an even more important number is the ratio of your time spent in game. So your 4 and a half days old. If that's from a week then that's alot, if that's from a few months then it's a less impressive number. Still a fair sized amount of time anyway you look at it, but the extra numbers would put it in better perspective.
on Feb 06, 2005
I started my EQ main in 2001. I checked /played in 2003 and was so shocked and depressed by how little of a life I have than I never checked again. God only knows...
on Feb 08, 2005
I got the game on the day it was released.
on Feb 15, 2005
What server/faction do you play?
on Feb 16, 2005
I play on Uther, Alliance.