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Neat..I think..
Published on February 21, 2005 By Draginol In Gadgets & Electronics

iTrip is a gadget that connects fairly seamlessly to your iPod. What it does is allow you to play your iPod music on an FM radio.  You set the station with your iPod and if you tune in your radio (that is within several feet) to that station you can listen to what's on your iPod.

I've used a number of these things in the past and this is by far the best one (the Belkin TuneCast II, for instance is total crap).

ITrip is ideally suited for the iPod because a) It connects right up to it, it gets its power from the iPod and c) It can be programmed from the iPod.

The only reason I didn't find it all I had hoped for was the general issue of FM tuners in the first place.  Skipping a song, which I tend to do in my car, is easier than messing around with an iPod (and safer).  But where the Ipod really shows off its goodness is with books on tape and the like. You can fit a lot more on an iPod than what you can fit on a CD.

Still, it would be nice if more cars came with CD players that could read MP3 CDs. Then I could jam a bunch of songs onto a single CD.  But in the meantime, if you have ever wanted to listen to your Ipod on a real radio, this is by far the best option I've found.

on Feb 24, 2005
My beef with the Fm tuners in general is the very fact that sometimes it's hard to find any frequency either not in use or clean enough to not interrupt what you're trying to listen to.