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Why I was put on this earth
Published on March 5, 2005 By Draginol In Home & Family

As I watch my two little boys playing out in the snow, I feel a certainty at the core of my being of why I was born. Why I was put on this earth.  To be a dad.  Being a dad is what I'm best at. It is what I love doing and being more than anything else in the world (other than being a husband to my wife). 

There is nothing I'd rather be than the dad of my two sons.

on Mar 05, 2005
Looking forward to what you will write when youre a granpa
on Mar 05, 2005

Doesn't it feel great?  It's so...grounding.  It puts everything else into perspective.

on Mar 05, 2005
Some advice from a billionaire captain of industry, Brad. If being a "Dad" to your son is more important to you than making a profit then your priorities are wrong my dear boy.
on Mar 05, 2005
Sir Peter maybe your values are screwed. The reality is that Brad is a great dad and as a result knows he needs to work hard to provide for his family. Maybe if you had parents that put you first you wouldn't be so quick to say that. A stable loving home provides good, strong, knowledegable, empathetic, and sympathetic adults and more than anything that is what this this world needs. Not people who can't see beyond their own two feet and think the world revoloves around them.
on Mar 06, 2005
Brad, I sure agree with you. My kids are everything to me. They are grown now (son is 30 and daughter is 27), but they will always be my "kids".

And, let me tell you, being a grandparent is everything it's supposed to be. My grandson, who just turned 6, is the love of my life.

And, life is good.
on Mar 06, 2005
I've got 2 sons (12 and 14) and a daughter (16). You are right on target. There's nothing at all in the universe as good as being Dad.
on Mar 07, 2005
There's nothing at all in the universe as good as being Dad
Except being a mom
on Mar 07, 2005
There is no "agree" rating or qualifier to match how much I agree with your article!!!

Take it from someone who has lost all he spent a lifetime building. Two careers that I loved, along with the aspirations that go with such things(and you've read the stories, so you have some idea where I'm coming from), I can't even say, "well, at least I got my health", because that's gone too!!

However, my wife and kids are still here, and so am I. As important as it all was to me I didn't lose anything THAT important.

Never let anything cloud your vision of what you just wrote here.
on Mar 07, 2005
Brad, being a businessman myself, I totally agree with you. When I look at my little girl I wonder how it is that I love her so much, especially when she's been in my life such a short time. It's so much fun to just put aside what I'm working on and just play with her (her favorite thing to do is dance with me!).

So, please keep loving your sons and your wife as that's what's truly important here.
on Mar 12, 2005
Being a Dad to both a Girl and a (very tall Boy), the benefits of watching and helping them grow up just can't really be quantified. The mixture of emotions involved makes it all worth while. Mid week was an example of the benefits. This year is Liams options year, and Thursday was parents evening. Without exception, all his teachers gave him a beautiful report ("pleasant hardworking lad" - "concidering his problem (dyslexia) he has made so much progress") - PROUD. You just couldn't believe how proud