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Hardware no longer the issue..
Published on March 21, 2005 By Draginol In Blogging

Our story so far.. started out as my personal blog site. Like most blog sites, it only received a handful of visitors per day.  One day, I decided it would be fun to turn it into a blog community.

And to that end, the world class Stardock IT team put together an incredibly sophisticated set of technologies to help create the world's first "blogging community". Each user would have their own set of point, all articles would have points, blogs would have scoring. There'd be per user lists of sites they could respond on, audience control, etc.

And all was fine...for awhile. But as the site picked up on popularity, having it all on a single machine slowly made things slower..and slower..and slower.. 

As I type this article, there are 497 people on at the same time.  Which is nothing compared to  But because is a free site, it doesn't get a lot of IT time or hardware dedicated to it.

Not that it mattered -- our existing colo that houses the server for JU couldn't have any more machines. This eventually became a problem as JU had to share a database server with  Since is related to Stardock's business, it receives priority access to the database.

But over the weekend and until today, we migrated the machines to a new colo fascility where we were able to install many more servers.  Now, that means nothing at present, JU is still on the same old over-burderned hardware.

But it does mean that there are now other computers that can be distributed to.  So the limitation is no longer a lack of available hardware resources but mrely time to distribute the load between the machines and clean up the database stuff (and then fix bugs).  You can kind of see the speed of the future if you use the forums which use some of the newer code.  Eventually that kind of code will be used throughout and with the hardware distribution, the site should become fast.

The IT guys tell me it'll take about two months for this to be completed. But hopefully during that time you'll start to see some parts speed up.

on Mar 22, 2005
Thanks for the Update.  Keep on Truckin!
on Mar 23, 2005


I remain among those who anxiously await the day when you'll be able to offer some premium subscription services for JU. I know you have other things on your plate, but I think if you offer enough "carrots" for paid subscribers, you'll get a decent portion of frequent users signing up.

on Mar 23, 2005
Thanks for the update. It seems like things are already starting to run smoother than they were about a weekago. But I haven't been on alot lately so I may be wrong. I do want to say thanks for all you have been doing for us on here. This is a great site and I appreciate you offering it to us for free. I think I'd go nuts if I didn't have this place to rant and vent my frustrations. Thanks again for all you do and good luck on everything to come.
on Apr 02, 2005
Anyone noticing this weekend that things are a bit better?
on Apr 02, 2005
Anyone noticing this weekend that things are a bit better?

I have!
on Apr 02, 2005
The only thing now is that sometimes when articles are posted to forum, they don't seem to appear there until quite some time has passed, and numbers of replies are not reflected correctly.
on Jul 27, 2005
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on Jul 29, 2005
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