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Published on March 25, 2005 By Draginol In Gaming

Greetings guys.  We're in the current issue of Computer Games Magazine. 

But I saw that we got raided and lost some members which is a bit of a bummer.  Comment here on what you would like to see and what's happening.


on Mar 27, 2005
Started recruiting more members - My basic recruitment rule is No jerks
on Mar 29, 2005
I have not been playing Rannix much.

Once you hit 60 you really need a good group to do the instance.

Been playing around with a few alts but none have really captured my interest.

Tried creating a new character on my old game. Dark Age of Camelot.
Not really getting into that either.

I either need to find a new project or a new hobby.

Been playing around a little with Desktop X 3 and recently trying out the Galciv2 beta.
on Mar 30, 2005
Yea, Blizzard needs a LOT more quests. And they need to push the level cap to 99 soon.
on Mar 31, 2005

I think a lot of the recent shakeup in the guild is a real life lesson in group dynamics. There are a number of people in MYTH Inc. who are die hard members. I would dare call them the core group. Then there are those who felt merely affiliated with the guild, and had not committed themselves. When someone came along who offered them a change of scene, they took it. I consider MYTH Inc. none the poorer for this. I would gladly welcome any of them back, except for the instigator, but in many ways we have identified those who are committed. I believe I speak for Aldar as well as for myself in stating that, as the most regular (and recent) level 60 members, we are committed to helping our guildmates to the best of our ability. I for one have thoroughly enjoyed adventuring alongside the old guard: Stormy, Rannix, Melinda, Aldar, Hathor and occasionally--when the moon is blue and the planets are aligned--Draginol!

Because it is very true that, for the most part, when you hit level 60 the advancement essentially stops, I will likely be playing an alt from time to time. But if you look at the second page of the guild roster that contains individual comments, I will mention that these toons are Fin's alts, and that Fin can be contacted through them to help out any time.

The MYTH continues....

on Mar 31, 2005
We set up an 'small guild alliance' with a couple of other guilds that are very similar to ours. Talk to me in game to find out how to communicate with them.
on Apr 02, 2005
It woudl be nice if different guilds could form alliances and make it easy to communicate with them in-game.