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Sci-Fi at its best
Published on March 26, 2005 By Draginol In Movies & TV & Books

Having just finished watching Volume 2 of the Cartoon Network's Star Wars: Clone Wars series, I am just amazed at how well done this series has turned out to be.  The stories are excellent. The pacing is outstanding. Terrific voice acting. And the action is everything we could have ever dreamed of.

One can only imagine how fans would have reacted if the team putting these together had had a shot to do Episodes I and II.  I suspect there would have been far less disappointment.  I am convinced that the problem is George Lucas.  He seems almost tone deaf when it comes to acting and his directorial skills leave much to be desired. 

I read the graphic novel adaption of Episode II and even though it's the same story, it's a much better, more compelling story than what is shown at the theater. It's all in the way the story is presented.  Even Episode I could have been a great epic story if Jar Jar wasn't in there, better child acting, and a few other tweaks. The story itself wasn't bad at all.

But Cartoon Network's Clone Wars cartoons are far better stories and far more entertaining than the movies are.  Anakin is presented how I think most fans always wanted to think of him as -- brash, heroic, impatient.  Not the pouty, angst-filled, quasi-teen we saw in Episode II.  In this series, we see why he is "The Chosen One".  And we see Obi-Wan and Anakin as a real team. As true friends.

And then there's the action.  We see Jedi's being Jedi.  Star War fans may love the Episode I Darth Maul light saber battle but that's nothing compared to the battle we see here.  We see the power difference between Yoda and other Jedi.  We see Mace living up to what we imagined. 

I would love to see this team go back and re-tell Episodes IV, V, and VI as cartoons.  I know I'd pay for that.

on Mar 26, 2005
Genndy Tartakovsky does it again. His animated art is very outstanding and has added his own personal stamp to the star wars genre. From some of the star wars fans where I live(including myself) have given nothing but good reviews for it. When some of my friends found out that the guy who draws and created Samuri Jack was behind the series, they loved it even more.

Kind of funny actually, considering the fact that the cartoon almost didn't happen because Lucas thought it would distract fans from the upcoming Star wars movie. But actually, for me, it made me forget about the last two star wars films, and adds extra anticipation for the next film, hoping that the film is better than the last.

Compared to the last movie, the series is Star Wars gold.
on Mar 26, 2005
Hmm, Amazon doesn't seem to have Vol 2 -- where'd you get it?
on Mar 26, 2005
It's on TV.
on Mar 26, 2005
I'm going to get the complete DVD set when it comes out.

For a while Cartoon Network had all the episodes freely viewable on their website... do they still?
on Mar 26, 2005
on Apr 12, 2005
can you please tell me where I can view episodes 21-25....Cartoon Network doesn't have them up anymore......
on Jul 31, 2006
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