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The right product at the right time?
Published on March 31, 2005 By Draginol In Movies & TV & Books

Sony Pictures is in the process of digitizing its 500 most popular movies of all time in anticipation for making them available for sale electronically for download.  The goal, it seems is for Sony to develop a program and back end similar to what Apple has done with iTunes but designed specifically for movies.

The timing couldn't be better -- with the next generation DVD technology still in flux -- Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, one things is consistent: They both use the same video format, it's just a matter what physical medium they will be provided for.  In other words, the MPEG 4 based high definition technology is already set and Sony could be well placed to get users as they begin migrating from today's DVD technology (480p typically) to movies that can take advantage of high definition displays.

on Apr 01, 2005
Don't forget about the PSP. Wi-Fi and internect connectivity.

Maybe this is also the reason they are doing this.
on Apr 01, 2005
For once Sony is thinking ahead of the game. For so long they practically ignored the mp3 format and tried to force their own format down our throats. Maybe with new management Sony is more open in their ideas.
on Apr 02, 2005
I just hope that Sony will also release those movies in Europe. Most of the time we have to wait several years before that kind of new technology becomes available here. iTunes has only been available here for about 6 months now ...
on Apr 02, 2005
I wonder what they're going to do as far as resolution. HDTV as well as the two dvd replacement formats (Blu-Ray and HD-DVD) go all the way up to 1920x1280 but I'd imagine downloads of movies at that rez would be pretty sizable. Of course DVD only goes up to 640x480 (what's widescreen on DVD? like 853x480?) which would make for much smaller downloads and smaller still is the PSP native resolution of 480x272. That may seem too small but with storage space at a premium on the device I wouldn't want to waste space for some crazy high resolution I'm never going to see (unless I was just using it to transport the file but I have a much cheaper and easier to use USB key for that.) Anyway I look forward to seeing what they end up doing here.
on Apr 02, 2005
Just a quick correnction... that was supposed to be 1920x1080 not 1280.
on Jul 02, 2006
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