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Disney Vacation: Day 4
Published on April 27, 2005 By Draginol In Vacations

Today we spent the day at Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom has been the most satisfying of the parks so far here at Disney World. We were able to do everything we wanted to do in a day here without having to wait in long lines.

I should clarify, we got to do everything we wanted to do today except the Dinosaur ride broke down (a ride where you go back in time to 65 million years ago, that would have been cool I suspect).  We probably won't get a chance to go back there but I suspect we'll survive.

The Bugs Life 3D movie was pretty good. Particularly the way the theater (and seats) are integrated with the movie itself. And the Safari tour should not be missed. We went to it as the first thing we did with a minimal wait. They have an astonishing number of animals there, we were very impressed.

On one of my other blogs, a user suggested that we seriously consider staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. One of the most impressive features of that resort is that you can look out and see animals from your room. The downside is that it, like the Polynesian (where I'm staying) lacks Internet access. It is also quite a ways from the other attractions which means no quick sampling of other resorts or parks.

One unofficial and not encouraged activity was playing with the unbelievably tame animals. While having lunch, a small squirrel came by and was clearly begging for food from people. I confess to feeding the little guy. He used his mind powers on me!  He was so tame that he was eating out of people's hands.

One other observation while here -- Americans are obese. Holy cow are Americans getting fat. Everywhere I looked there were fat people with fat kids. Then there were the people who were so fat that they had to use motorized carts to get their bulk around.  I'm not anti-fat person here. But I've seen far too many parents and children drinking soft drinks as their breakfast drink and stuffing cookies as their breakfast meal to feel sympathy.

On the bright side, one thing that has been really impressive is how friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous the staff at the various parks were.  The young lady (from Kansas) who explained the origins of T-Rex Sue (a replica of a very complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton) was very knowledgeable not just on the exhibit she was explaining but on the subject matter as a whole. 

The Animal Kingdom park so far is our favorite attraction here at Walt Disney World.

on Apr 27, 2005
The Safari tour is really cool. Plus, you are close enough no matter where you sit and you can see the animals. It helps if you have an enthusiastic tour guide though.

The first time my friend and I went the little old lady was dull and said (without any inflection whatsover) "People are on their way..." The second time around, the guy was into it. It made such a difference.
on Apr 27, 2005
I especially liked the Tree of Life. I loved all the neat carvings of the animals. I liked the Bug's World 3D, and the Safari Tour.

You really did miss something when you missed the Dinosaur ride. It's pretty neat.

Hope you have a great rest of the trip!


on Apr 27, 2005
While having lunch, a small squirrel came by and was clearly begging for food from people. I confess to feeding the little guy. He used his mind powers on me!

It's a conspiracy, I tell you! They're doing the same thing in my neighborhood!!!

I agree with your sentiment about Americans getting fatter...since the advent of the 'supersize' meal we seem to have come to regard regular size portions of food as not being sufficient.

Oh, and Sue the T-Rex came from SD....I got to see where she was discovered at whilst I lived up there. Very, very cool.
on Apr 27, 2005
The Field Museum in Chicago owns the original Sue skeleton, iirc. I saw a bit on Nova the other week about how they were using rings in T-Rex rib bones (yes, like trees) to date how old various T-Rex skeletons were when they died. Believe Sue was my age, 29ish. Slightly bigger gal...
on Apr 28, 2005

The Field Museum in Chicago owns the original Sue skeleton

Yep, they do.  The one in Disney is a replica of her.  Unless they changed in the past couple years, Sue is still in the museum (she was there the last time I went).


on Apr 28, 2005
My family and I went to ANimal kingdom about 3 years ago and the Dinasaur ride was broken down than too so we missed out on that as well. It was our favorite park as weel, no long lines and very people friendly
on Apr 28, 2005
Wow, nice plug for Animal Kingdom, glad you liked it. When we went for a week last year we thought Animal Kingdom was our least favorite. The Bugs Life Show was cool but the rest was somewhat boring. I really did not experience anything there that I could not get from our local zoo. For us (meaning really the kids) it was a close tie between magic kingdom and MGM.
on Apr 28, 2005
Just to add on, when we went I will say that the crowd and lines was less at Animal Kingdom. That may or may not have been related to the overall popularity of that park. I think I read somewhere that they have had a hard time marketing it as something other than the Disney zoo.