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Disney Vacation: Day 5
Published on April 28, 2005 By Draginol In Vacations

The Epcot Center is probably the weakest of the Disney Parks.  This is particularly true at present where a number of the key attractions are off-line.  After finishing off The Magic Kingdom this morning, we headed over to the Epcot Center where the few compelling attractions had massive lines. 

The most popular attraction seems to be the Test Drive.  After getting a Fast Pass and doing other things for a couple of hours, we finally went back, waited another half hour only to have the ride break down before we got started.  Ellen's Energy Adventure was one of my favorites even though it's kind of hokey.  I just find Ms. DeGeneres to be hilarious which saves the show.  Honey, I shrunk the Audience was enjoyable as was the Seas.  The international pavilion (a sampling of 11 countries) is really little more than over-priced shops and mini-restaurants.

Mission to Mars was one we all really liked and made the trip to Epcot nearly worth it.  But having attractions like Body Wars and the Land and several other key attractions closed down was a real bummer.

All in all, we were able to see and do what we wanted to do at Epcot in about half a day.  The kid's favorite part was in the Innoventions area where they made a plastic toy (complete with survey analysis of our views on the plastics industry).  I also got to heckle the Segway guy "So, um, if I um, bought a Segway, would I be able to ride it around here at Disney?" "No."  "Oh, ok.  Well, I often travel to New York and would I be able to ride it Manhattan?" "No."  "What about San Francisco?" "No."   Don't get me wrong, I like the Segway, they just have a lot of work to make it practical. And I'd happily take one.

So leaving Epcot we went off to check out some of the other resorts.  Writing this from the "Outer Rim" of the "Contemporary" Resort which has high speed Internet access (unlike the Polynesian which is one resort I cannot recommend for numerous reasons).

Overall, having a blast here at Disney World. If I sound critical, it's only because I'm very conscious of how much this stuff costs and what we're getting out of it (4 people, roughly $120 per day). But the kids are having a blast and I've certainly been enjoying myself.

on Apr 28, 2005
Are you going to any other parks? My kids love Sea World.
on Apr 29, 2005
I lived less than a half hour from Disney for almost 10 years... I used to go every day. (Season passes for Floridians run about the same as 4 1 park 1 day passes) And I gotta tell ya... You shoulda stayed. Im not sure what age your kids are but as I'm sure you realized , there are some really great restaurants in almost all of the "countries" there. And the fireworks show at closing... Fabulous. Theres tons to do there, I'm just sorry you got there at a time when theyre getting ready for the summer rush. If you could only have held off another month or so...........
on Apr 29, 2005
>double post<
on Apr 29, 2005
Jesus man... every day for 10 years? I would call that work
on Apr 29, 2005
Well not EVERY day lol. But it seemed like it. At least once a week though. What can I say... I'm a Disneyholic!
on Apr 30, 2005
I like Epcot but do agree it is a bummer more attractions are not open.

I tend to go through some attractions in the morning and head to the World Showcase, stroll through the Countries watching shows, shoping and at the end of the day watch illuminations great park for me.

Want a bad park Animal Kingdom, NOT AZOOOO give be a break.

Do Dinasaur, Bug's Life, maybe the Satari and Lion King and I am out of there.

The next worse is MGM just not enough to do and I do not think I will watch Fantasmic again.