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Published on February 11, 2004 By Draginol In Work Reports
I didn't accomplsih as much as I had hoped today. Lots of busy work. As my friend and co-worker Kris would say, too many things in the oven. Did spend some time on The Political Machine. Now that it's up and running on my laptop (stayed up until 4am on that and still had to go into the office) I'll be able to work on it more.

JoeUser is up to nearly 80 new articles today. I am hoping we will be able to officially launch the site in early March. Still a few more features we gotta have in there.

Read through a bunch of blogs. I have been keeping to my policy of not commenting as much on the less experienced writers. I did see one that I was tempted to write on. One of the young women on this site wrote a scatching article that was directed at comments in one of my articles. It was pretty obvious that she, at best, skimmed the responses. I don't think she even understood the main issue. I happen to be one of those people who don't care if people respond to one of my articles. But if you do, I want it to be on the topic. Especially if it's one that is on a serious nature. I am a self-admitted elitist when it comes to political debates. I want to stick to the main topic. If someone wants to go on a tangent, write a new blog and we debate on that.

DesktopX 2.1 is now out and it's really quite oustanding. I believe DesktopX will be the cornerstone of a lot of our business in coming years. We'll see. Konfabulator for Windows is always looming and the way the press has fawned over it, who knows what the end result will be. Apparently having a superset of the features of Konfabulator, 2 years before Konfabulator existed, doesn't merit much these days.

I've gotta read through various legal documents before bed so off I go.
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