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Published on August 29, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging
The new system is still very new. There are still zillions of little buglets we're working through. Just today we fixed a problem with printing of articles as well as enhancing and then fixing the email article feature. There's still a lot of work to be done so please bear with us.

But coming in a few weeks, people who create accounts (or already have accounts) will have the option of having their own blog. It'll be free to have your own blog here. And your blog won't be some wacky\blogs\users\yournamehere it will instead be added as a new domain name like

That's not in place yet but it's coming. We also have a bunch of cool blogging features that we think you'll really like if you end up choosing to have your blog here.
on Sep 01, 2003
I am looking forward to starting a blog here. I have never had one, but agree with most of what Brad writes so this seems a good place to have one.
on Sep 02, 2003
I cant wait either. A while back I started writing my own blog because I didnt like the ones out there. But i got side tracked and it wound up only half done (mostly cause i'm trying to learn ASP.NET from my ASP knowledge and its quite a bit different). And so,....i still have no blog, but i have a feeling that I will lilke the JoeUser features.
on Sep 02, 2003
Would someone please explain the term "blogging"?
on Sep 02, 2003
Blog is short for "Web log"

It's basically an online diary like the one you're reading right now. But with the added features that people can comment on your diary, etc.
on Apr 26, 2005
Looking forward to the extra features. This is really a cool place.