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We're trying..
Published on July 27, 2005 By Draginol In Blogging

Does seem like it's faster? In the past week in the course of trying to fix the site, we (and by we I really mean T-Man and Alberto) have been working like madmen to optimize the site code to make it more efficient.  Hopefully, getting to articles and such feels a lot faster.  How does it feel to you? It should feel significantly faster so if it doesn't, let us know. Thanks!

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on Jul 29, 2005
Definitely faster, though some of that might have to do with using Deer Park alpha...
on Jul 31, 2005
Since Thursday, it's been fine - quick & without page load failures.

But we're now up to 4+ pages of those 1899 test posts in some of the Channels - can they be ditched now?

on Aug 04, 2005
How's it now?