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Published on February 14, 2009 By Draginol In Blogging

Awhile back we put in a feature that only rarely gets used and never on JU before. It’s called Destroy Account.  What happens is the system goes and wipes out every post, every comment that user has ever made on all our sites.

I got to use it today on LW. I had exiled her for comparing a tax cut to corporate welfare and then as being the same as the welfare that the Octuplet mom receives for her 14 children.

I’ve said this in the past but occasionally needs to be repeated – there is no “free speech” here.  I invite others to create blogs and post on whatever they want with only a few exceptions – personally attacking each other and me in particular.

I would like to think we’re a lot more tolerant than say the DailyKos or the Huffington Post who wouldn’t put up for a second having bloggers who attack their benefactor or even having a different ideology than their benefactor.

I don’t really pay that much attention to JU these days. I don’t care if someone is liberal or conservative and I’ll happily engage in a debate.  Where I draw the line is when people come after me or my company personally.  At that point, I have pretty much no tolerance.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on destroying LW’s account utterly but she couldn’t restrain herself from making one last goodbye post where she complained that I would keep her posts so that I could make a few cents off her writings.  To to oblige her on her fear that her writings wouldn’t profit me, I used the destroy account feature to remove all evidence of her writings and comments from the site.

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on Mar 04, 2009

I was merely linking the cause and effect.

Really? You deleted dozens of comments of other people's because somebody was blacklisted somewhere?


on Mar 04, 2009

For the record.

I blacklisted two people on my blog.

One is Mumblefratz because he suggested nuking all Jews and Arabs in the region and then apparently thought that "Don't get your panties in a bunch, it leads to uncomfortable chafing." was some sort of useful point that needed to be made.

The other is someone I disagree with politically but the reason I blacklisted him is because he always managed to screw up formatting for the rest of the page after his posting and I have no idea how he does it and don't want to wait for some JU official to fix it every time it happens. He'll be back once that bug/feature/whatever is resolved.


on Mar 04, 2009


This is actually not the place to discuss our disagreement. I responded here only because you complained here. None of which has anything to do with the destroy account function or the reasons why people should or should not be banned from the site.

on Mar 06, 2009

I can see this place hasn't changed a bit. What I am surprised at is seeing that none of your have taken a year off to self-evaluate and realize you don't need the posting fix, and it doesn't do anything to improve your lives. Why not start your own blog, on a wiki and network yourself with the posters here if free speech is so important to you?

Happy to tell you because you are lazy and settle for status quo. It was nice to read though, that someone finally did something about the worst offender here, LW.

You can delete my posts too Brad and wipe my account. I'd rather let it fall to the wayside along with all the other pointless crap which on the internet exists. Seriously though, I do hope that Demigod goes well and sells awesome. I'm hoping for that mutiplayer expansion of Dread Lords, the one you researched and decided not to make cause it wasn't affordable or whatever. I know if you won't make it nobody else will. Maybe in your old age, you'll make one for the fun of it rather than the money.

Here's hoping you'll see past the profit one day.



on Mar 06, 2009

Brad is absolutely correct in everything he said and did regarding this incident.

I, and others have differed with Brad during the election period (long before I knew his other noms-de-plume) but I did it respectfully...if I didn't, then I apologize.

There is no place for personal attacks in adult discussions. They add nothing to one's arguments and cause tempers to flare and are a form of violence. That is intolerable, and that to everyone involved.

I'm neither a "Conservative" nor a "Liberal". I'm a mix of the two....but I believe that everyone's view is worth hearing, examining but most of all, all are worth respect even if they violate your most basic tenets.

The concept of "Free Speech" does not include hate speech nor hateful speech. Mr. Wardell deserves our respect, not as "The Owner of The Sandbox", but as a fellow human being.

That's the requisite he demands....for himself and others. He's absolutely right.

on Mar 06, 2009

If you'd known LW long enough you'd know her "feelings" were all over the place. What she payed the price for was assuming that she could just keep sticking it to Brad and he'd oust her and let her back like times before. You get to a point when enough is enough though.

I stick to what I said, she's self destructive. Everything she's talked about in her life supports that statement. Her actions here go right along with the way she lives.

I kno what you mean, some people like to follow in their instints and sometimes that leads to getting the boot.

on Mar 06, 2009

I have crossed Brad myself before, but my comments were never meant to be offensive or insulting. I may have been outspoken but that's about it. I have respect for the man; he runs a great log site, creates (with his crew) masterpiece skinning software and skins, runs a successful business even during hard times and even has connects to some of the greatest and biggest companies out there such as Microsoft and nVidia.

I agree, insults and hatred should not drive ones commenst on this site. Respect should be awarded to everyone, after all we all have the right to believe in what we want to believe and a debate is meant to prove your point against someone elses and to allow some space for consideration of other people.

on Mar 07, 2009

Over the years, Little-Whip, had me at a silent protector because the number of times people at work wanted her gone because she was toxic had to be well over a dozen but the point of JoeUser is that it's my blog site and I found her blogs interesting and insightful. And as a quasi-narcisist, I tend to do what I want.

I don't care if people agree with me or not. I even have a high degree of tolerance for being insulted. I get insulted all the time.  Where I draw the line is when people make personal attacks. That is, they exploit what they know about me in "real life" (which isn't secret) and insult me.  Anyone who thinks I should tolerate that on my own site is welcome to start their own site.

I'd no more put up with someone insulting me personally on JoeUser than I would tolerate someone who's at a party I'm hosting telling me what an SOB I am.

People who hang out here long enough already know my hot buttons. Taxes being way up there because I don't appreciate paying so much in taxes and yet have someone who's paying no net taxes telling me I should pay even more simply because I make a lot of money and can "afford" it.

So to put the above in context, I'll happily debate taxes. Where I get pissed off is when someone says "You, Brad Wardell, because you make a lot of money you should pay more. You Brad Wardell have too much stuff."  Because my response is likely to be "fuck off and get off my site".  

LW got exiled because she pissed me off. She could have PM'd me and apologized for the things she said and I probably would have let her off the hook.  Instead, she name-called me, and demanded her articles be removed which I complied with.

And more recently, she's been messaging my wife a bunch of hateful, nasty, messages claiming everything from me "cheating on my wife" to veiled legal threats to veiled outright threads "you don't want to make an enemy of me".  Now, as someone who gets explicit death threats a couple times a year (threatening phone calls, letter to the house with a Yahoo map to our house with a bullseye on it, and of course plenty of email and PM threats), I am used to getting hate mail. But my wife isn't. 

Before I started JU, neither my wife or I even owned a gun.  But you get enough threats and you find yourself having to take precautions. What if some nut case came to our house? So anyone who thinks that having a blog site that they let others freely use is all peaches and roses think again.  One of the reasons I'm so intolerant of people who start to pull shit with me is it's better to eliminate them early than let it build up. Just get rid of them before it boils up too far. 

Each time something like the above happens, I'm tempted to just close the site for everyone but trusted friends because it's not worth the hassle.  I think the site generates about $14 a month in ad revenue so it's not like it's a "business" per se.  It's just my blog site that I let others use. And it's extremely rare that anyone shows any appreciation for the free site. It's mostly just abuse.

So yea, I don't feel guilty about zapping anyone who pisses me off. 

on Mar 08, 2009

ZubaZ makes a note not to show up at Brad's place late at night in a drunk.


(if your boss shoots you,  does that fall under workman's comp?)

on Mar 08, 2009

It's just my blog site that I let others use. And it's extremely rare that anyone shows any appreciation for the free site.


And I'm one who is overdue in thanking you for creating JU and allowing total strangers like me to use it. I greatly appreciate your sharing your time, talent and work in making it possible for I am a total no nothing when it comes to computer technology, but I do appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to read other people's views and participate in discussion.


on Apr 08, 2009

One of the main reasons for the drama here is that even old-timers like LW can forget how good the "free ice cream" really is.

I can't beleive how much real life drama creeps into JU sometimes. Even years later posters with old grievances just won't let go.


Taking a ban to the point of harassment goes beyond the pale. Draginol shows more restraint in the face of this than many would. LW shoudl be grateful that he hasn't pursued legal redress for the harassment. Not cool.


Besides that, nice to see you all again (even just in passing).