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Don't feed the zealots
Published on February 12, 2004 By Draginol In Democrat
In hindsight it was probably a mistake for the Democrats to start trying to smear Bush with the AWOL nonsense. When one side of zealots begins smearing the other side, that other side's zealots are bound to strike back. And it looks like Kerry's glass house is about to get shattered.

Wesley Clark told reports that Kerry has an "Intern problem" and predicted that Kerry's campaign would implode as a result. Sure enough, The Drudge Report (linked to at the bottom of this article) has a report that Kerry indeed apparently had an affair with an intern and that intern has left the country to head off the inevitable media uproar.

What affect will this have on the Democratic nomination? Kerry doesn't have it wrapped up yet. Edwards and Dean are still in there. At the end of the day, it's looking like this election season will be one of the nastiest on record. Though ironcially, it wasn't Kerry's Republican rivals that spilled the beans, it was a fellow "Democrat" that did so. But now that it's out there, the right wing zealots will be all over it like fresh meat, particularly after the AWOL charges by Democratic zealots.
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on Feb 12, 2004
I don't know. The smart move for the right-wing zealots right now would be to kick back and let all the left-wing zealots do the dirty work. Had this scandal broke after Kerry secured the nomination, that would be one thing. Even if, say Edwards, can't close the gap with this kind of gift scandal, he'll probably think his chances are much greater. Expect Dean to turn up the heat for the big flame-out too. It's too bad Lieberman couldn't stay in the game for this because this sort of thing always benefits the sane candidates most.

Let me put on my tinfoil hat for a minute. If there ever was a time for Hillary to come and save the Democratic party from nominating a completely unelectable candidate, now would be that time.
on Feb 12, 2004

Your headline convicts Kerry before it has been confirmed.
on Feb 12, 2004
Anthony, conviction is not the issue. The rumour alone will be damaging, mayhap devastating to Kerry's campaign.

There is an old story about Lyndon Baines Johnson spreading a rumour about an opponent. His goal, according to the story, was to "make him deny it."

Can it get worse? You better believe it! Read the whole Drudge report (Brad provides the link) and you will see "A serious investigation of the woman and the nature of her relationship with Sen. John Kerry has been underway at TIME magazine, ABC NEWS, the WASHINGTON POST, THE HILL and the ASSOCIATED PRESS, where the woman in question once worked." Oh my gosh, someone who worked for the AP!

Talk about political suicide!
on Feb 12, 2004
Maybe I'm wrong but I am one of the few who doesn't want to know about the candidates sex lives. Why can't people just keep their private life private. Just because a man is faithful to his wife does not mean he will be a better leader for our country. I know it goes to character etc. but I am sure we could through many great historical figures and find that they have had numerous transgressions. Does it change the impact they made to our society? I don't think so.
on Feb 12, 2004
But isn't it interesting that according to Drudge, Clark would have known this before he dropped out of the race? Pretty much everybody seems to think that Clark was the Clinton house choice for candidate, so it really makes me wonder if there isn't another big surprise in the wings. O.K., I'll take off the tinfoil hat now.
on Feb 12, 2004
If this turns up true it's huge trouble for Kerry. Here comes another " I did not have sex with the woman" news conference.

on Feb 12, 2004
Actually if it said "Kerry had an affair..." then that would be convicting.
So, maybe he just had a business matter with the intern

And, in the end, it won't matter. After Clinton made us the joke of the world, I doubt that anyone will risk that again.
on Feb 12, 2004
Y ou think this will damage him? pffft

People loved Clinton (even outside the country) regardless of his intern problem. IN fact i think alot of people looked at that event as humanizing.
on Feb 12, 2004
It doesn't help Kerry. But I fully agree, many Democrats do not consider honoring commitments to be a big deal.
on Feb 12, 2004

Good one....but I more meant that people are now totally desensitized to that. It wont WIN him votes, but I doubt it will lose him any votes.
on Feb 12, 2004
I agree, I don't think it matters that much anymore.  But just as Clinton made adultery in American politics, he also made draft dodging acceptable apparently too which makes the Democratic attacks on Bush's National Guard Service just htat much more odd.
on Feb 12, 2004
If this turns up true it's huge trouble for Kerry. Here comes another " I did not have sex with the woman" news conference.

Ehhh, maybe, the problem is, a majority of Americans don't really care if the politicians commit adultry. Sure there's the vocal few that do, but Clinton's approval ratings didn't drop percipitously after the Lewinsky Affair

on Feb 12, 2004
I think in the end, this won't really do anything either way for Kerry, since most people now accept the fact that what goes on in someone's personal life has little bearing on how effective they would be as President. Adultery in politics existed well before Clinton, he was just the first major one dumb enough to get caught. On the issue of draft-dodghing and skirting military service, I have no issue with people attacking Clinton for that, it's a valid complaint, however I find it amusing that conservatives now turn around and say "Well, you were ok with Clinton dodging, so why bring up Bush's service problems?" The hypocracy goes both ways on this specific issue. It's a case of "do as I say, not as I do"

I think we need to step back and pay less attention to allegations being thrown around, and more attention to what the accused say in defense of their actions and how they defend themselves. Clinton tried to skirt the issue by trying to redefine "is", and that's where he got in trouble. Bush is trying to do some creative records digging to say he really did serve his time in the reserves, and that's where he's getting in trouble now. Lets wait and see how Kerry handles this accusation before we go nuts on him. It's easy to make an accusation like that, because there isn't really any way to prove or disprove it, it becomes a he-said, she-said issue that really has no win scenario for the accused.
on Feb 12, 2004
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on Feb 12, 2004
I will always find this facet of the American Politics amazing...

how the devil can guys within the same party slag each other? Wes Clark has just handed the Republicans weopanary not only to shoot Kerry down, but the democrats as well...

It is rather disenchanting.. who would ever vote for a party that has so much infighting?

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