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Immortality is nearly here..
Published on June 27, 2005 By Draginol In Medicine

Scientists have found a way to bring people back from the dead. Sort of.  The first successful test subjects were dogs which were drained of all their blood, replaced with saline solution that was just above freezing and then revived 3 hours later with no brain damage.

This could be a boon for battlefield casualties as well as for those in accidents where a lot of blood has been lost.  There is also great potential for this to be used to put someone into hybernation for the long term to prevent someone from dying.

on Jun 27, 2005
You might want to check out ALCOR. I recall attending such an experiment in the early '80's. The dog died. But not because of the near freezing or blood replacement. Rather, their new PH meter malfunctioned simultaneously with their new blood oxygenater. So the dog expired from lack of oxygen long before the treatment was finished.

However, on other occasions, they succeeded in doing what you described, repeatedly and in the early 1980's. I.e., this is hardly new science.

More promising is perhaps the news on the induced hybernation front. We know how to do it with mice now, and the same chemical pathways exist in humans, so we should be able to put humans into a deep hybernation, like bears, in which all metabolic processes - including the process of dying, as well as cancer growth, aging, etc. - come to a virtual halt. Whether we can do this safely and reliably and whether the ratio of hybernation time to awake time can be set at a point that we could essentially put someone on hold until we had a cure for whatever ails them are all unresolved questions, but the evidence so far is looking good.
on Jun 27, 2005
Hybernation technology may also be a large part of space technology as our current systems have no way of transporting humans to a place like Mars.
on Jun 27, 2005
Very strange... Makes you feel bad for the dog though!
on Jun 28, 2005
blah, these are ghetto zombies. I don't want LIVE dogs brought back to life. I want real, dead ZOMBIE dogs patrolling my property in packs, eyes aglow.

Call me when they get it right.

on Jun 28, 2005
I can just imagine the dog food marketing possibilities:

Purina Zombie Puppy Chow: Now with 35% MORE brains!
on Jul 04, 2005
My husband showed me this article about a week ago.. .. It is exciting news, but I was really tickled by the picture of the dog they opted to use in the article. Oh.. and the fact we are boffins..