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September 9, 2012 by Draginol
While the unemployment rate nationally remains over 8%, the unemployment rate in the tech industry is basically zilch. Software developers and game studios can't hire people fast enough and fiercely compete for the talent out there.

This is why companies fiercely guard their company cultures. When every person at a given company knows that they can easily find another job if they so choose, the onus is on companies to make sure that the "work experience" is such that they have an incentiv...
September 7, 2012 by Draginol
First off, I want to thank all the people who have written their kind words of support these past few days.

I wish I could say this is the first time we’ve had to deal with a frivolous lawsuit and I wish I could say it was the last. It happens. It’s business. The only difference here is that one party doesn’t normally leak this sort of thing out to get press coverage.

It is amazing how many people will look at a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations and assume they’r...
September 6, 2012 by Draginol
September 6, 2012 by Draginol
What kind of place do you want to work at?

Stardock’s a pretty fun place to work.  We have almost no turn over and morale is pretty high.  It is, however, a nerdy place. That means there’s lots of references to Monty Python, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Robot Chicken that sometimes float around.  That is to say, it's not a place for everyone. When we interview people, we make some effort to make sure people know that Stardock is a silly place.  People bring th...
August 20, 2012 by Draginol
I originally wrote this on Qt3 but I think this might be helpful to others who are wondering about the effects of working long hours.

Here are my views on the matter:

I think with most people, 55 to 60 hours a week is about the maximum before they start to eat up stored health/sanity points. And even there, over time, you will start to suffer burn-out -- the rate depends on how much you enjoy what you’re working on. But sooner or later, it’ll catch up on you.

Up until last year, m...
August 17, 2012 by Draginol
Guys like me aren’t supposed to get “rich”. When you look at the most successful (or rich) people in the tech industry they usually have remarkably similar backgrounds.

By contrast, guys like me are supposed to be relegated to some back lab coding drivers.  That was, when I was in college, the dream.  Of course, that dream didn’t come true because I couldn’t afford college and had to work multiple jobs at once to pay for school. I discovered that the best way to make money was to ...
August 17, 2012 by Draginol
The more well known you are, the less control one has over the narrative. That’s why those who try to “leak” things to the media or try to manipulate the media narrative are playing with fire.  Most situations situations are fairly boring. Boring doesn’t generate page views. As a result, there is a tendency to spice those headlines up.

Brad: The Narrative

To use myself as an example, here are some facts vs. narratives I’ve read.

Issue Narrative Real...
July 17, 2012 by Draginol
I'm told that my interview with Wired magazine regarding the death of Steve Jobs is scheduled to show up in the August issue of Wired.  Keep an eye out! 
February 8, 2012 by Draginol
I get asked this a lot. And the answer I gave most recently was “About a third smaller than it is today.”

As a statistical nut, I made a pie chart of what I spend my day doing. It was depressing.

Most of my work day is spent doing business stuff.  And the more “successful” (and I use that term with some derision these days) the worse it gets. 

Every week I can count on an hour of legal review. What kind of legal landmines do we need to watch out for now? If you’re a bus...
February 8, 2012 by Draginol
I was somewhat bummed to read on Coding Horror that Jeff Atwood is leaving the Stack Exchange.   As many of you know, we are pretty religious readers of Coding Horror and Joel on Software.

Jeff’s blog had come up quite a bit recently as we are in the process of coming up with new coding standards here at work.  More specifically, his recent blog on anti-aliasing was a major inspiration for doing “spot antialising” in Elemental: Fallen Enchantress (the idea is ...
January 23, 2012 by Draginol
Mashable Business has a good article today on starting a business. They list 6 things which are very useful.

It’s missing a few items that I think should be added or emphasized more. Here are 7 through 10 that I would have added:

7. Get used to failing often.

The article talks about not being afraid to fail. But I think most people will take that as meaning that your business might fail.  In my 20 years of running a business, 90% of the things I’ve worked on have failed (from...
December 2, 2011 by Draginol
I started my company when I was still a teenager. And I can tell you, looking back, I wish I knew now what I knew then. Starting a company with no capital and no partners is most definitely the hard way to do things. But I had no money and none of my friends were comfortable taking the necessary risks. The result was many years of long hard slogging. Sheer brute force in terms of hours being put in.

Capital trumps time. Anyone who says time is money really has no idea what they’re talking a...
January 2, 2011 by Draginol
As we enter the New Year, 2011 has some hope in front of it but I’m not ready to predict anything too exciting.

For business owners, interest rates remain very low which makes capital for those with good credit ratings readily available.  3.25% interest rates are not uncommon right now for those who know how to obtain it.  Thus, it becomes a question of how certain you are to generate net revenue that exceeds what you borrow at the going interest rate.

Historically, I’ve disl...
October 30, 2010 by Draginol
So as some of you know, I recently built a big house. And by big I mean ridiculously, offensively big.

Naturally, the class warfare people have come out of the woodwork in certain circles to complain.

Do I need such a large house? Nope.

Then why?

Because I wanted it. It was one of the personal objectives I had set out for back when I started my business.

But doesn’t such an extravagant display of wealth merely demonstrate how unfair our system is? Sure, I may have work...
September 20, 2010 by Draginol

A woman buys an apple from a local farmer. The woman now has an apple and the farmer has money. Both parties have made, what they believe, is an even trade.

Yet, time and time again we see people who feel entitled to something beyond the original trade. In this case, the woman buys an apple and now expects the farmer to help her out on something unrelated.

What amazes m...