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November 2, 2004 by Draginol
Conventional wisdom says that high turn out means victory for Democrats.

While it is possible Kerry may win still, I don't think the pollsters have adequately taken into account just how high the turn-out is amongst Bush voters.

Today my wife and I voted. And unlike 4 years ago, the lines were long. Not only were they long but looking at the pages of marked off voters, even at 10am this morning, most registered voters on the pages I saw had already voted. Incredible. Never seen anything li...
November 1, 2004 by Draginol
With the election tomorrow it's time for predictions. Based on using The Political Machine's issue based predictions and looking at polling data and trends, this is what I'm concluding:

Kerry victory with 306 electoral votes to Bush's 232.  This is a much clearer victory for Kerry than any of the polls and pundits are showing here. But then again, they don't have The Political Machine.So what do I base this on?The Iraq war isn't a positive for Bush but in fact a negative. I think the Dem...
October 30, 2004 by Draginol
If you lived in a house that had a rat "nuisance" you might tolerate it. But if one of your children died from a rat bite, you might be tempted to start going around killing all the rats in the house and getting rid of the rat holes.

After 9/11, there were a lot of rat holes in the world. You don't worry so much about which rat bit your kid as getting rid of all the rats. The most obvious infestations were Taliban Afghanistan and Saddam's Iraq.

So goes the thinking in this article. Check i...
October 27, 2004 by Draginol
A couple months ago I wrote why Bush may not get my vote. I'm still not thrilled with Bush but I do know I won't vote for John Kerry.  Some of my reasons for not supporting Kerry are straight forward philosophical disagreements on his views on foreign policy and his view of the role of the federal government. Others are less tangible.

So let me go through my reasons why I don't support Kerry:

1) I don't trust Kerry to be an effective leader in foreign policy.  Will Kerry see thin...
October 26, 2004 by Draginol
The strange thing is that the press seems to treat illegitimate votes as a kind of noise, a kind of tolerable if unfortunate democratic static, while intimidated no-shows are a travesty against all that is holy. Yet, and this should be obvious, in terms of the aggregative democratic procedure, an unnoticed illegal vote for one guy (in a two horse race) is EXACTLY EQUIVALENT to scaring off a voter for the other guy.

If somebody's dog manages to vote for John Kerry, then, in effect, Velma Thom...
October 19, 2004 by Draginol
Imagine if we hadn't invaded Iraq. How would the election be different?

Well, first we now know that the oil for food program was a total scam. We also know Saddam was in the process of bribing France, Russia, and China in the hopes of ending sanctions.

We still wouldn't have gotten Osama Bin Laden in all likelyhood so there would be this terrorist dictator in Saddam who was openly opposing us who, by all accounts in 2003, was in possession of WMDs with every intent to aid terrorists.

October 13, 2004 by Draginol
So far both Kerry and Bush look pretty good. What do you think?
October 8, 2004 by Draginol
Why do these shows interview so many spin doctors? Like we care what Hilary Clinton thinks on the debate or what Karen Hughs think. We know what they're going to say and it's meaningless. It's just talking points.

Does anyone actually take the spinners seriously? I'd rather have the talking heads on there.
October 8, 2004 by Draginol
As I've said elsewhere, I think Kerry edged out Bush in this debate.  But from reading views around the net and watching the pundits, it seems I am in the minority.

But here's a difference: I was driving home from a friend's for most of the debate so I heard the debate on the radio and that was where I felt Kerry was beating Bush. I only saw the last part at home on TV and that I will say that Bush seemed to be doing a bit better.

So I wonder if body language and other elements that a...
October 5, 2004 by Draginol
Cheney appears to have decidedly beaten Edwards.  Edwards just appeared a little bit out of his depth. I think Edwards could have stood up well against Bush, but Cheney just looked like a seasoned pro.

I don't think this will have much affect on the polls though as the veeps just don't make that much of a difference.

I think the key sound bites were very much in Cheney's favor -- i.e. the sound bites that will get repeated will show Cheney hammering Edwards and that is where it could ...
September 30, 2004 by Draginol
With the first debate over, I think it was pretty clear that Kerry gained more than Bush.  Neither scored any knock out blows on the other and the # of memorable sound bites is going to be minimal. But overall, Kerry did what he needed to do.

Expect to see the polls narrow considerably.
September 25, 2004 by Draginol
In the real world, I don't care much about politics.  Sure, I'll debate it with someone if they'd like but I'm not particularly motivated politically. On-line, I'll talk trash about politics taking a much stronger stance on positions than I would normally give since the point is to get energetic discussion going.

People who know me would describe me as a political "moderate" on most issues. But in reality, I'm all over the place. A left wing position here, a right wing position there. I...
September 23, 2004 by Draginol
The universal health care issue is such an emotionally charged issue that it's difficult to have a rational discussion about it. The problem with universal health care isn't specific to health care but rather to any solution that involves 100% coverage.

So to try to move the discussion away from a hot topic like health care, let's instead look at it in a way that more people will understand without emotion kicking in.

After being elected emperor, I decide everyone should have a television....
September 11, 2004 by Draginol
Sometimes I ask, rhetorically, what is the right-wing equivalent to Democratic Underground? The far left of the US population seems to be foaming in angst and hatred that I find quite disturbing.

I surf the web a great deal and there are no right wing sites of anywhere near the scale of DU that top this sort of thing in virtriol and hatred. 
September 9, 2004 by Draginol
(comparison in print out using MS Word and the alleged document from 1973)

CBS's 60 Minutes may have fallen for a hoax yesterday. After airing documents that claimed to show that pressure was put on officers to "sugar coat" Bush's national guard service, blog sites such as Little Green Footballs and this one seem to provide compelling evidence that this was a hoax.

Story developing.