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September 5, 2012 by Draginol
Supposed to be pretty good actually.
April 29, 2012 by Draginol
We just finished a Star Trek TNG marathon.  Let me first say that a lot of TNG episodes don’t hold up well. Burrrr. Some of them are really bad.

But in general, TNG still delivers and there are some truly amazing episodes in there.  Below are my top 5. Please comment below what your favorite ones are.

Inner Light Yesterday’s Enterprise The Best of Both Worlds (I and II) Darmok Chain of Command Ironically, had I put this together back in say 2000, when the sho...
April 28, 2012 by Draginol
What television series would you recommend to someone to start from scratch?

For instance, I’ve never watched Lost but I don’t think I could handle 7+ years or whatever it was of shows mainly because I heard the show ended up like X-Files where the creators were kind of winging it.

Any suggestions?
February 11, 2012 by Draginol
So I watched the most recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“Crisis on Naboo”) and really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it enough that I decided to go over to TheForce.Net and see about conversing with others about it.  Oh god. What a mistake.

I didn’t even get to the posting part. I just read pages and pages of bitching about how terrible the episode was.  Then I read the same thing about every episode they listed on there. Just pages and pages of ranting and complaining about how terr...
May 3, 2007 by Draginol
The Star Wars Episode I trailer is still the best trailer of all time. Check it out below.

May 1, 2005 by Draginol
If you've never been to IMDB, check it out. It's a fantastic way to find out if a movie is any good.  I generally avoid any movie that gets less than a 7.

Here are my ratings on various movies from over the years:

 1941 (1979)4 Air Force One (1997)6 Airplane! (1980)7 Alien (1979)6 Aliens (1986)8 American Beauty (1999)5 Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (1999) (TV)5 Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998) (TV)6 Babylon 5: The River of Souls (1998) (TV)3&...
March 31, 2005 by Draginol
Sony Pictures is in the process of digitizing its 500 most popular movies of all time in anticipation for making them available for sale electronically for download.  The goal, it seems is for Sony to develop a program and back end similar to what Apple has done with iTunes but designed specifically for movies.

The timing couldn't be better -- with the next generation DVD technology still in flux -- Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, one things is consistent: They both use the same video format, it's j...
March 26, 2005 by Draginol
Having just finished watching Volume 2 of the Cartoon Network's Star Wars: Clone Wars series, I am just amazed at how well done this series has turned out to be.  The stories are excellent. The pacing is outstanding. Terrific voice acting. And the action is everything we could have ever dreamed of.

One can only imagine how fans would have reacted if the team putting these together had had a shot to do Episodes I and II.  I suspect there would have been far less disappointment. ...
February 15, 2005 by Draginol
JMS, the creator of Babylon 5 along with a fantastic writer of many graphic novels (including the long delayed "Rising Stars..ahem..) has put his two sents on the recent cancelation of Star Trek: Enterprise and his thoughts on what Paramount needs to do..

I'm sending this to both the B5 folks reading this and any Trek fans
looking on.

Bryce Zabel (recently the head of the Television Academy and
creator/executive producer of Dark Skies) and I share one thing in
common. We are both long-t...
July 17, 2004 by Draginol
I really like Stargate: SG1.  I watch it every week.  The characters are good, the stories are good, and despite every planet looking a lot like the forests near Vancouver, the universe they play in is good.

I wasn't expecting much of Stargate Atlantis so it came as a pleasant surprise that it was so good.  I mean really good. The jury is out on the characters but the story and backdrop are really outstanding.  The bad guys have to be amongst the scariest bad guys I've see...
May 9, 2004 by Draginol
Some really good fan fiction here. This is a story of Obi-Wan talking about his experiences after sending Anakin to his doom. Post Episode 3 pre-Star Wars.
September 28, 2003 by Draginol
Saw the first episode of Futurama again today. My wife noticed something very interesting that snuck passed me but given the attention to detail this show has, I wonder what it could mean..

During the show, they do two New Years Eve countdowns (10...9...8...etc.). The first one, taking place in 1999, goes to various parts of the World. They show the Eiffel tower and the people say 9 in French. Similarly, every other part of the world says their number in their native language.

However, in...
October 27, 2003 by Draginol
Do you hear that flush? It is the sound of the Sci-Fi channel taking the potential fan base support of Battlestar Galactica and sending it down to the nether regions.  The more I hear about it, the more convinced I am that it is going to suck.  Not suck in a slightly disappointing way but suck in such a massive way that in 10 years we'll look back and put it up there with Star Trek 5 and Battlestar Galactic 1980 as chapters in science fiction that we feel required to forget about.

February 3, 2004 by Draginol
At this point it seems pretty clear that Janet Jackson had every intention of pulling this stunt at the Super Bowl. The question is, what should be done?Based on the reaction there seems to be 3 basic views:

Have the FCC impose a huge fine on whoever is responsible including MTV and CBS. Outraged viewers to push pressure on Viacom to punish those responsible. Lighten up, it's a bear breast. Get over it.The first option comes with lots of potential issues with it. First, the FCC has the righ...
November 5, 2003 by Draginol
If The Matrix was a 9 or 10 and Reloaded was maybe a 7. Then Matrix Revolutions is a 3 or 4.

Worst movie I've paid to see at a theatre in a long time. But I say that with a big caveat. No set of movies had built up expectations like The Matrix. Movies like "The One" that came out a year or two ago weren't any better than this. But the Matrix, and the story behind it, had been hyped up beyond belief.

A lot of the problem appears to me to be one of editing. A few extra scenes, a few scenes...